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To meet worldwide panda enthusiasts and students' study needs, we have developed an international internship program. If you are a panda lover, want to get closer to them, and care for them, then this is the program for you. During the experience, you will learn about giant pandas and conservation. You will also learn how to conduct behavioral scientific research on giant and red pandas. Not only will you work like a member of the Research Base staff, you may also go into the wild where giant pandas live if you like!

Eligibility: Adults 18 and up (Kids must be accompanied by adult)
Length: One day to three months

International Panda Internship Program Plan

Panda Internship Work May Include:

Panda Behavior Research Work Include:

All activities above can be flexible with different participants, group size, time and other factors. We also can design more colorful activities according to your requirements.

Interested in this program?

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