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Miao Minority Nationality

Miao ethnic minority nationality lives in Guizhou Province, Yunnan Province, Hunan Province, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Area and Sichuan Province. The Miao can be divided further into sub-groups that can be distinguished by their the different costumes, These are the ' Long Skirt Miao', ' Short Skirt Miao', ' Red Miao', 'Black Miao', 'Highland Miao' and ' Eight Villages Miao' Their homeland has abundant supply of wood, so the architecture of Miao consists mainly of building built with wood.

Daily Life The Miaos' people respect the old. They make bows with hands folded in front when it is a happy event; and women's hands are not allowed to be shaken. When visits a Miaos' family, don’t sit beside fire , for it is for ancestors. If the host calls you make 'Baozong', which means sleep, do not go in bed, sleep on the shakedown, which is for respectable. Rice, corn, potato, wheat are their staple-food. Drinking wine is their hobby. Almost every family make vintage. Rack is more popular.

A man and a woman will not get married if they in the same surname. The parents 4always live with their youngest sons. Young people will find a lover while sing in antiphonal style. When a pair of lovers wants to get marriage, they must consult their parents.