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Impression Sanjie Liu

Sanlie Liu is the singing goddess in the legend of ethnic group of Zhuang. In 1961, there was a film made with the same title as her name "Sanjie Liu", it has been a classic and popular music film in China from then on. In the play "Impression—Sanjie Liu", you won't see the plots, the characters and the usual scenes, but rather a series of impressions, and those impressions are got from the landscapes and the ordinary life of the place, Because Sanjie Liu was born and bred from this magic land, her legend radiates the wonderful atmosphere of this place and naivety of the local people.

This is a totally different performance from the conventional form. The theater is the nature itself. The sceneries of the four seasons are changing, the weather is changing, so does the performance is changing to match up with the changeable nature. In this stage, only the half of the performance is created by man, and the other half is belonged to the mysterious nature.

If it were raining during the performance, you can put on the raincoat that we prepare for you, if you came here in the hot summer, you have to take the anti-mosquito spray with you, if there were flood, half of the auditorium probably could be under the water, and if there were thunderstorm, the performance could be ceased. This is our performance—a performance interacting with the nature.

There are more than 600 people involved in this play. Most of them are fishermen from the 5 villages along the river. They work in the river in the daytime, participate the performance in the evening with their bamboo rafts. Some of the performers are the little singers from the villages of ethnic group of Dong and the young girls of other ethnic minorities group .They sing with the nature and untrained voices and dance with spontaneous style. In the gorgeous landscape, they are extraordinary beautiful and ture. The play was presented to the audiences formally on Mar.20.2004.After saw the play, the officer of the world tourism organization commended.” This is a unique play, you can't see it nowhere the world but here. And it's worth to buy a round-trip air ticket from anywhere in the world only to see the play."