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Get in Guilin by train

The two stations--Guilin Railway Station (South Station) and Guilin North Railway Station (North Station)--are the two main railroad passenger transport stations in Guilin. Every day many trains arrive and depart, as Guilin City is the railroad hub of Central China and is in the central part of the Hunan-Guangxi Railway Line.

The Guilin Railway Station (South Station) is located at Zhongshan Road (South) to the south of the city center but is more conveniently situated than the North Station. City bus No.3, 4, 16 can take you there. The Guilin North Railway Station (North Station) is situated in the northern suburbs of the city and has less convenient links with the city center. If the train you take can stop at both railway stations in Guilin, it's better to get off at South Station where handy transportation to the surrounding places is available as well as trains connecting to China's major cities.

Tips: It's not easy to buy sleeper tickets at the Guilin sales office, as the city is a mid-route stop rather than a terminus. Therefore, it's best to make reservations five days in advance or even ten days in advance during China’s golden weeks. The booking service fee is CNY20 to CNY50 per ticket.