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Folded Brocade Hill

Towering over Lijiang's west bank, Folded Brocade Hill lies in the northern part of Guilin city. The name is derived from its queer-looking rocks which are broken horizontally. Folded Brocade Hill consists of Yueshan Hill, Look-on-All-Direction Hill, Crane Peak and Bright Moon Peak.

Halfway up a cave named Wind Cave running through the hill. The cave was calabash shaped, with two wider mouths and narrow passage which only allow one person to pass through each time. A cool breeze blows inside all year around which gave it's the name Wind Cave. Inside the cave are 90 Buddha sculptures of the Tang and Song dynasty, as well as dozens of ancient stone inscriptions.

Along the narrow stone path up you will then find the Face-the-Cloud Pavilion and Over-the-River Pavilion, which provide well stops for the arduous journey up to the top of the Bright Moon Peak. The Bright Moon Peak is the summit of the hill, where the Catch-the-Cloud Pavilion stands. Standing on the pavilion, visitors can get finest views of Guilin.