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Zhuhai Travel Guide

Zhuhai  City

Zhuhai City

Zhuhai is a prefecture-level city on the southern coast of Guangdong province in the People's Republic of China. Located in the Pearl River Delta, Zhuhai borders Jiangmen to the northwest, Zhongshan to the north, and Macau to the south. Zhuhai was one of the original Special Economic Zones established in the 1980s. Zhuhai is also one of China's premier tourist destinations, being called the Chinese Riviera.

Zhuhai is known for its beautiful long coastline, waving palm trees, open spaces, low population density, and its many islands; Zhuhai's nicknames are the city for lovers and the city of a hundred islands. Zhuhai serves as the gateway to Macau, as a tourist destination for Chinese, and as a playground for hedonistic Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan visitors who come for Zhuhai's very colorful nightlife and available female companionship at mainland prices.

Zhuhai Tourism

Zhuhai  City

Zhuhai City

Zhuhai's attractive environment and surrounding landscapes help its reputation within China as a garden city and its quality of life. In 2010, the city attracted 3 million international tourists and 7.64 million domestic tourists. Following Guangzhou and Shenzhen in Guangdong province, Zhuhai has the largest amount of foreign tourism, which amounted to US$ 2.5 billion in 2010.

Realizing the substantial benefits brought by tourism, the local government is constantly improving the existing tourist spots and exploring new tourist resources. The local government is developing new tourist spots such as Hengqin, Dong'ao, Hebao, Qi'ao and Yeli.

New Summer Palace
Built in the same size of the burned Summer Palace in Beijing, the New Summer Palace in Zhuhai recovered numerous scenic spots in their old construction style combined with modern features.

Zhuhai  City

Zhuhai City

It is located at the foot of the Shilin Mountain on the Jiuzhou Avenue in Zhuhai City. Covering an area of 1.39 square kilometers, the New Summer Palace is surrounded with green mountains on three sides and with the southern side left open. The Fuhai Lake in the palace covers a water area of 80 thousand kilometers. The total investment in the first phase of its construction is more than 0.6 billion yuan. The New Summer Palace is one of the first 4A level scenic areas in China.

Zhihai Seaside Park
Towering aloft on the shore of the picturesque Xianglu Bay in urban areas of Zhuhai, the sculpture of fishing girl has a graceful figure blooming with beauty. The girl wears a necklace around the neck, and ties nets around the waist with trouser legs slightly rolled up. She holds a pearl high in the air with both hands in an elegant pose, as if declaring publicly its bright luster and offering a precious treasure. Made of 70 pieces of granite, the stone sculpture is 8.7 meters in height and 10 tons in weight. It is the first large-scale seaside stature in our country and the symbol of Zhuhai.

Zhuhai  City

Zhuhai City

Zhuhai International Circuit
The Zhuhai International Circuit covers an area of 4 square kilometers. It is the newest and best one among the Asia's six A -level tracks (including four tracks in Japan and one in Indonesia) at present. The track of the Zhuhai International Circuit is composed of four layers. The bottom layer, which is 15 centimeters thick, is made of detritus. The second and third layers are made of asphalt concrete. The top layer is made of bituminous pavement. All of the layers adopt the newest materials in the world with a high melting point. Therefore, they will not become sticky at high temperatures. The whole length of the track is 4.32 kilometers. The track width is 12 meters for straight sections and 14 meters for the rest sections. There are 16 turns designed in a clockwise direction, of which 5 are left turns. The highest speed on this track reaches 300 kilometers per hour. The principal project of the circuit includes the command center, the maintenance center, the medical center, the distinguished guest hall and the news center, etc. In October 31st, 1996, the Zhuhai International Circuit was officially opened and the first International Race was held on the first Formula 1 circuit in China. The race attracts 300 automobile racers and 250 race cars from 19 countries and regions, including the world famous McLaren motorcade, the Porsche motorcade and the Ferrari motorcade. The race includes 9 events, such as the GT endurance race, the Southeast house car challenge race, the Asia Formula circuit and China domestic car race.

Pearl Amusement Park
The amusement park is a modern large-scale garden style playground, which covers an area of over 400 thousand square meters. It has advanced play facilities and novel recreational items with new games emergeing endlessly. With dense woods, prosperous grass and blooming flowers all the year round, the amusement park is attractive with its unique architectural design. On both sides of the broad blacktop driveway, there are more than 30 interesting large, medium and small recreational items in the order of size.

Airshow in Zhuhai  City

Airshow in Zhuhai City

Shijing Mountain Ropeway
Situated at the foot of the meandering and luxuriant Shijing Mountain (also called the mountain of Xiniuwangyue: the rhinoceros looking up at the Moon), the Shijing Mountain Ropeway is almost on all the tour itineraries in and around the city. According to the legend, more than one hundred years ago, a businessman invited a geomantic master to choose a "lucky field" for them to invoke prosperity in the future. When they arrived at the shijing Mountain, they found a peak in the distance by the sea like a rhinoceros raising the head and looking up at the Moon. The smooth-tongued geomantic master said: "as long as you stand on the mountain and face the sea making sincere wishes, and do good deeds, you will sure make a success." A few years later, lucky in making money, the businessman had a flourishing business and became a very successful man as the master said. Now the Shijing Mountain Ropeways, embedded in this treasure land where a ghost shows its power, lies at the back of the mountain and faces the sea, having an air of being independent and ascending to heaven and become immortal. It covers an area of more then 6000 square meters with a magnificent scale and an extraordinary vigor.

Jintai Temple
The highest peak of the Huangyang Mountain stands within the confines of the Doumen County in the Zhuhai City. It is as high as 583 meters and has been known as "the first peak along the gateway to the Pearl River". The Yexi highways along the coast pass by at the foot of the mountain. Looking northward through the bus window, you will see a striking building in the style of ancient times with the orange-colored glass roof tiles among the green mountains. This is the well-known the Jintai Temple on the Huangyang Mountain. The Jintai Temple is located at the south foot of the Huangyang Mountain where "the general took off his armor". The sceneries are graceful here, overlooking the Yamen seaport and lying at the back of the highest peak of the Huangyang Mountain. The Green Dragon Mountain extends to the left and the White Tiger Mountain grovels to the right. In the front of it is a sheet of skyey water and on the opposite bank of the mountain is a high projecting rock named "Dengxian Rock", where the legendary cowboy king of Doumen ascended to heaven and become immortal. Driving the car along the Huangyang Avenue, striking off into the reservoirs and straight to the mountain gate, and then ascending the stairs along the more than three hundred stone steps, you can see the eminent and magnificent Grand Hall of the Great Hero, in which there is a glorious statue of Buddha and an antique comprehensive room.

Zhuhai  City

Zhuhai City

Weather, Climate & Geography of Zhuhai

Zhuhai borders the Macau Special Administrative Region (north and west), and 140 km southwest of Guangzhou. Its territory counts 146 islands and a coastline of 690 km.

The islands within the prefecture-level city of Zhuhai include a number of near-shore islands, often connected to the mainland by bridges or causeways (such as Hengqin, Qi'ao, or Yeli Islands), as well as some islands further away in the Pearl River estuary (such as the Nei Lingding Island) or the open South China Sea (the Wanshan Archipelago). Some of the latter are actually geographically closer to Hong Kong than to the Zhuhai mainland.

Zhuhai has a humid subtropical climate affected by the East Asian Monsoon (Koppen classification Cwa) and moderated by the South China Sea, with long, hot and humid summers with frequent thunderstorms, and short, mild and dry winters. Average highs in January and July are 18°C (65°F) and 32°C (90°F) respectively. It never snows and a frost has never been recorded in the city centre. Conversely, extreme heat waves do not occur as they do further inland.

How to get there

By plane
Zhuhai Airport (IATA: ZUH) is a moderately sized, modern airport that connects the area with many Chinese cities, but not many international destinations. It is located west of downtown in Doumen District. Budget carrier Spring Airlines flies here daily from Shanghai.

Free Trade Zone in Zhuhai  City

Free Trade Zone in Zhuhai City

The Airport Express Bus departs from the airport to Xiangzhen and Gongbei districts for CNY 30 (November 2010) per passenger, and follows the schedule of arriving flights. The first bus departs around 11:00 AM and the last bus departs about 21:30. A taxi from the airport to Gongbei or Jiuzhou in downtown Zhuhai is around CNY 130 (November 2010) when traffic is free flowing.

Zhuhai can also be easily reached by bus from the Guangzhou airport.

To reach Zhuhai from outside China, fly to Hong Kong, Macau or Guangzhou. All three cities have large, modern airports with many international connections and all are within an hour or two of Zhuhai.

From the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (IATA: CAN), a frequent express bus service that goes to Zhuhai is available. It costs CNY 80 and takes approximately 2.5 hours with one stop in the northern part of Zhuhai before going on to the Gongbei border gate to Macau. There is a check in for the airport at Gongbei bus station, located near the KFC.

New Summer Palace in Zhuhai  City

New Summer Palace in Zhuhai City

From the Macau International Airport (IATA: MFM), the best way to get to Zhuhai is via the Express Link service, skipping the Macau immigration and customs altogether. Once you deboard the plane, instead of going through immigration, look for the Express Link (China) sign and follow it. This will lead you past a transit security scan station where you must pick up an Express Link card, and upstairs into the departure hall. Go to the ticket counter at Gate 8, present your card and buy a ticket for the coach that goes to the Gongbei border (past Macau, before Zhuhai). The coach fare is CNY 52 and the ride takes only 15 minutes. Coach departure times are 11AM, 11:30AM, 12PM, 12:30PM, 1PM, 2:45PM, 5PM, 5:30PM, 6PM and 6PM. If you need to check in any bags for your flight, remember to have them blue tagged during your flight check-in procedure for this Express Link service. The blue tag is not a necessity, merely a convenience. Present your luggage tags at the above-mentioned coach ticket counter and pick up your bags at the bus bay later.

From Hong Kong International Airport (IATA: HKG), one option is to take the Airport Express to Kowloon Station (at the cost of HK$90), then hop on the free Airport Express transit bus K2 to the China-Hong Kong Ferry Terminal to take a ferry to Zhuhai. See below for ferry timetable.

Another option from Hong Kong is to catch a ferry from the HKIA Skypier to Macau and then cross into Zhuhai via the Gongbei border gate. Immigration and custom procedures can be skipped at the Hong Kong end. Full instructions can be found here . The ferry journey takes about 50 minutes and runs hourly (usually).

A third option from HKIA is now available in the form of long-distance buses that go overland to Gongbei. The journey takes 3.5 hours and costs HK$200. Departure times are 7AM, 8AM, 4PM, 5PM and 7PM.

A new ferry service is just introduced (twice daily for now) that brings travelers directly from HKIA to the Jiuzhou Port in Zhuhai. The ferry leaves at 12:15PM, 2:04PM, 5PM and 8PM. The one from Zhuhai to HKIA leaves at 9:30AM, 12:40PM, 3:30PM and 18:30PM. The trip takes approximately 50 minutes.

By boat
From Hong Kong: There are several ferries per day from Hong Kong International Airport, HK-Macau Ferry Terminal, China Ferry Terminal and Shekou Ferry Terminal arriving at the Zhuhai Jiuzhou Ferry Terminal. There is a taxi rank and bus stops directly outside. Visas can be purchased here for most nationalities (not American citizens).

The HKIA-Zhuhai ferry is operated by Chu Kong, who charge HK$260/ CNY 280 one-way to/from Zhuhai.

Getting to Zhuhai Airport from the Jiuzhou Ferry port that connects Zhuhai with Hong Kong, an Airport bus can be taken for about ¥30 and the last bus departs at 8PM. The journey takes about 2 hours.

From Macau: There is a ferry service operating from Macau's Inner Harbour's Pier 14 to Wanzai. Daily departures roughly hourly from 8am to 4pm.