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Canyoning, Abseling and Rock Cilmbing in China

We are professional guides and coaches for outdoor sports in China. Yangtze Three Gorges Area is the best place for canyoning, drifting, rock climbing, hiking and biking. We are familiar with the brooks and the valleys, mountains in the Three Gorges area as much as our own gardens by tracing in the high mountains year by year in this area. We are lucky to become the explorers and discovers of many unknown canyons in the Three Gorges area. Every time we discover a brand-new rote, our hearts are always filled with joy of discovering a new continent and a gratitude for the nature. If you like experience professional China advenutre tour, please feel free Contact us. Our email is: info@chinatourmap.com. We are now seeking partners in Europe and North America, if you interested in this sports, please Contact us!