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Lesson 6: Goodbye in Chinese          China Travel Photos

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Today we'll learn a few of popular expressions of saying goodbye.Zai Jian, goodbye. Yi huier jian, see you later.

Y: Perfect Chinese your way, in only five minutes a day. Welcome to Chinese Studio, an elementary Chinese learning program on China Radio International. I'm Yajie.

Cam: Hi again everyone, I'm Cam. Hi Yajie,Ni hao ma?

Y: Wo hen hao, xie xie.

Cam: Yajie, one of my Canadian friends has been visiting, and he is going back to Canada tomorrow.How do I say goodbye?

Y: Well, let's find out in key words of the day!

Key words in Pin Yin and Chinese Characters

Today we'll learn a few of popular expressions of saying goodbye.Zai jian, goodbye. Yi hui er jian,see you later. Ming tian jian, see you tomorrow. Bao zhong, take care. All in today's Chinese Studio.

Cam: My best friend Keith is leaving tomorrow. He is catching a flight in the afternoon and I will be seeing him off at the airport. What should I say

Y: I believe the first thing you need to learn is goodbye. In Chinese, goodbye is Zai jian. Zai is again, jian is see. Literally, Zai jian is to see you again. Zaijian.

Cam: Zai jian. Is it suitable for any occasion?

Y: Yes, totally. But if you know you will see him or her soon, you can say Yi hui er jian instead of Zai jian. Yi hui er means a while, so Yi hui er jian means see you later. It's used very often.

Cam:Yi hui'er jian. The pronunciation is so hard for me.

Y: It's okay. Let me explain. You know Yi means one.The first tone Yi; should be changed to yi, the fourth tone, when you put it in front of a third tone.Hui. Yi hui'er jian.

Cam: That makes sense. Yi hui er jian. See you later. I need to practice this. And what about "See you tomorrow."

Y: Here it is. Ming tian jian. Ming tian is tomorrow. So, see you tomorrow.

Cam: Yajie, I don't want my friend to go back to Canada. I'll miss him. He is one of my best friends.

Yajie: Poor Cam.I'm sure you will see him again very soon.I bet he had a fun time in Beijing.

Cam: Yes, it was great. But tell me how to say, "take care" in Chinese.

Yajie: It's Bao zhong. Take care, baozhong. Bao is like your Chinese name, Yuan Bao.

Cam: Yeah, that will be easy to remember! Bao zhong.?

Y: Xie xie , zai jian.

Key Words in Pin Yin and Chinese Characters

Zai jain. Goodbye

Yi hui er jian .See you later.

Ming tian jian . See you tomorrow.

Bao zhong .Take care.

Y: You know there's another useful saying, which is Yi lu shun feng. Have a nice trip!

Cam: Is it common?

Y: Yes, but it's probably not suitable to say it when your friend is catching a plane.? That's because in Chinese,Yi lu shun feng literally means "sail with the wind. But if you are taking a plane,too much wind might cause turbulence! So it's probably not best to say at the airport.

Cam: Thanks for the advice.

Y: You are welcome. Bu ke qi.

Cam: Ok, that's it for today but one more important thing, you could win a gift by answering the question of the day: How many ways are there to say good-bye in Chinese?