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Pojiu Lama Forest Scenery                                 Write a Review

Pojiu Lama Temple is situated at the left bank of lower reaches of Nyang River, with its three sides being surrounded by mountains. The whole temple is a structure of earth and wood, integrating diverse architecture styles of Tibet and Han.Surrounded by green trees and clear brook, the temple boasts its still environment.In temple,you can not only enjoy the sea of forest,but can look far into the distant grand Nyang River Delta .

Zayu Landscape                                                    Write a Review

Zayu is located in the southeast part of the Tibet Plateau and at the juncture of the Himalaya Mountain and Hengduan Mountain. Zayu has an area of 16,000 square kilometers and is less than 2,500 meters above sea level at average. With unique natural conditions, the county has a warm climate year round and has a beautiful landscape. The wildlife includes otter, stone marten, leopard and lesser panda.

The Potala Palace
     The Potala Palace

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